Roy Macintyre

  • Species: Human
  • Origin: Earth
  • Special Ability: Nose for treasures
  • Status: digging
Important Relations:

Roy is a friendly digger with a really good nose for big treasures. His only problem is that he has very bad luck in making his treasures to money...


The Ballad of Ol' Roy
by Dan Fiorella

(to the tune of "Oh, Susanna.")

Entered a space contest and
much to my surprise
won a trip to see the stars,
The constellation prize.

The sun shone bright the day we left
and everything got hot
but that's the way it's always been;
A sun can't change its spots.

Oh Tortuna
Oh don't you cry for us.
We're gonna make our fortune soon,
Utopia or bust.

The Red gi-ants did light our way 
and white drawves made our trail
Tightened up our as'troid belt
Caught a comet by the tail.

The cosmic dust, it made us sneeze,
The Big Bang made us cringe
Got wet in mete-or showers
And dried in solar winds,


The Milky Way was curdled
and the Big Dipper got bent
Flew into a black hole and
returned before we went.

Gonna travel to the sun
for a historic flight
We'll be okay, we won't burn up,
We're going there at night.


Ran rings 'round Saturn but
Jumpin' Jupiter took thrust
The planet Mars made us see red
and Uranus made us blush.

We're gonna take a lunar trip
in our big fancy jet
Come along and join us
and be a space cadet.



  • Species: artificial intelligence
  • Origin: assembled by Roy?
  • Special Ability: be stubbon
  • Status: reassembled
Important Relations:

Burro is a donkey and accompanies Roy on his expeditions. Burro is quite stubborn and often acts irrational (in a way nobody expects from an AI, maybe except it runs with Windows, but the series is set after 2086...)
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