Do to the overwhelming email that I receive in regards to the DVD and "when will it happen?" questions, I decided to place all of the information that I currently have on one page.  I'm just the messenger, I don't really know much more than what comes down the pipe :)

May 2002

  • The DVD project has hit another snag, but he's still working on it. 

March 2002

  • Ok, some new news.  Had the pleasure of a brief contact with Mr. Mandell last week and he mentioned that it "looks like things are finally working out" in regards to a DVD box set release.  Brief words, I know, but better than the project being dead in the water. 

June 2001

  • "..... plan allows me to completely digitally re-master all episodes from the original masters sitting in the Gaylord vaults, including 5.1 audio expansion. The plan is an ambitious 8 DVD package (8 episodes each), although it might get broken up. Each DVD will be filled with extra stuff like full length recordings of songs, original demo presentations, voice over commentaries (mystery science theater style) audio tracks by me ....  and anyone else we can cajole into sitting with us, original designs, sketches, storyboards, some new animation, some old animation, and whatever else we can think of.

         The other interesting thing is that it seems I may have to re-freshen the package of 65 original episodes with 26 new ones if I want to get the series back on the air in a meaningful way here .... it would mean a new team of series 6 Rangers, 20 years later. Well, it's fun to think about anyway.

November 2000

  • Galaxy Rangers (Thought I'd forgotten?):  The pursuit for a release (be it VHS/DVD) is holding a backseat at the moment while Cartoon Network is reviewing "Tortuna" and "Shoot-Out" for a possible broadcast window.  (Dea Perez is the VP of programming down there in Atlanta - R.B.)  The possibility of sending some eps to W.B. for review was mentioned.  If all else fails, "we'll continue to pursue the video releases..."