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(adapted from The Betamountain Archives, maintained by Bruinhilda)

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     The members of the Ranger-L Mailing List have a registered channel on the ShadowFire  IRC server network dedicated to the discussion of (what else?) "The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers".  All fans of the show are invited, even if you can't remember it very well. :) Our weekly chat sessions are held on Sunday nights, starting at 8:00pm Eastern Standard Time, and ending when the last chatter falls asleep. (We span the globe, and some of us don't sleep, so this can be very late indeed. :) We also have impromptu chats during the week. These, and the regular sessions, are announced on the Ranger-L Mailing List.  Whatever server we may be on, the channel is always #galaxyrangers 


     We've traversed a few servers in the search of a stable home.  EFNet, Dalnet, CastleNet, GammaNet, Shadowworld (formerly GammaNet) some of the places we've set camp at.  Currently, we use Shadowfire and are pretty comfortable there.   

     Recently, with the opening of, we acquired IRC redirects to our current server, which will make getting to us that much easier.  


     The server port defaults (normally) to port 6667, but these ports are also available:  6659, 6660, 6661, 6662, 6663, 6664, 6665, 6666, 6668, 6669.  AOL users may want to use ports 7000 or 7070.  

     Once you've connected, you can join us by typing "/join #galaxyrangers" and hitting enter.  



     Rules of the Channel For the most part, we try to be an informal, easygoing channel, and off-topic discussions are common. However, we have had to lay down some ground rules. 

  • IDENTIFY YOURSELF ON JOINING. We don't insist on real names, but we do want to know who you are, and what you're doing here. Stating whether you're a fan, or just passing through is usually enough. But don't play the "guess who" game. We have had trouble with harassers, and playing games like this can get you labeled as one and kicked within minutes. 
  • NO LURKING. People will usually try to draw you into the conversation. We don't expect you to talk a lot if you have little to say, but if someone addresses you, please answer. If you're nervous, or just trying to get a feel for the channel first, that's all right. Just let us know. (Really, we don't bite!:) 
  • NO HARASSMENT OF ANYONE. Whatever your fight or grievance, it goes on hold while in the channel. Harassment of anyone in the channel, either openly or by /msg, will not be tolerated for any reason. This also applies to fighting with people on other channels. We had one bad fight with someone when we were still on EFNet, and once was enough. If you cause trouble, either to us, or to other channels while you are with us, you will be banned. 
  • WRITING SESSIONS. Our main activity on IRC is to brainstorm, plan out, and write fanfic. We usually try to write at least one scene every session (in fact, most sessions are called because someone has a fanfic idea they want to discuss with the channel). Everyone is welcome to contribute to this, if they want. If you have a fanfic idea of your own, by all means, bring it up. We love hearing new ideas, and will give you any help you need with it. If you are not contributing, or join when the topic states "Evil Writing Session in Progress", we ask that you keep the general chatter to a bare minimum. Talking by /msg is preferred during a session. If you have a question, or need to address the channel as a whole, please put it in or some other brackets, to avoid confusion. 
  • ONLY REGULARS GET OPERATOR STATUS! When we get to know you, we'll consider giving you ops. Not before that. And if you cause trouble, you can forget it entirely. Power mongers are not welcome. These rules are not unbendable, and we allow quite a bit of leeway with newbies, and we warn people if they push it. But if you repeatedly break these rules, and disrupt the channel, you can be banned. We hate doing this, but we will if we have to. You have been warned.



     If you've never used IRC before, you can find a very nice online Primer at  Bruinhilda has some directions posted of her own that point towards some helpful resources.  Take awhile to browse whatever help files that came with the program you have selected, the information in them is very helpful.  While on a server, and if you're curious about what Nickserv & Chanserv are, try typing the following and exploring what is there:

  • /msg chanserv help
  • /msg nickserv help
  • /msg memoserv help (did you know you can leave messages for people on IRC?)

The homesite of has an extensive help database to answer questions.



     To access IRC, you need IRC software. There are few different programs for IRC depending on your platform: