09.21.01 (Happy Birthday, #38 of 100, Mailing List, Banners, FanFic, FanFic Challenges, Bruinhilda gets the scoop on Xanadu, and who knows what else we'll find?)

   According to our sources, it was 15 years ago on 09.14 that 'Phoenix' aired on U.S. broadcast television.  Being the root of everything this site is based on, it's aptly due for a Happy Birthday.  Just in time for the birthday, as reported to the mailing list:

  •  "38.The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers (Transcom Media). Heroes with extraordinary powers (team leader Zachary Foxx, for example, was enhanced via biotechnological engineering), the Rangers fought crime across the space ways as part of the Bureau of Extra-Terrestrial Affairs. With a complex cast of characters and deep storylines built around a carefully maintained continuity, "Rangers" is as close to anime as a syndicated show has ever come."  

  More happy stuff....

  With the past events during last week, the mailing list managed to get itself a little 'off center' and in the process we unfortunately lost a few members.  Ranger Mel was off the list due to technical problems, but she's back and has brought order back (she beat us, but not too severely).  So, if you're one of the ones that left, just know that everything is back to normal and you've already missed the 'RangerCon4 Quotes' list! 

  Bruinhilda put together an essay on Xanadu with some pretty tongue-in-cheek views of probably the least seen planet with the most promising story development prospects ever created in the G.R. universe.  Check that out here.

  On the geek side of web fun, hit "reload" or "refresh" and watch the Betamountain banner.  Little random acts of CGI thrown in there to give a different feel every time you visit.  Check all of the available 'new' banners out here.

  AKK was kind enough to resend the links to her latest FanFic that is over on her site.  Check out the following new additions to her FanFic library.

          Speaking of FanFic, AnnieO has a challenge out for writers:

Some other things to check out:

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