Maya, Princess of Tarkon

  • Species: Human
  • Origin: Tarkon
  • Special Ability: Connection to the Heart of Tarkon
  • Status: Rebel and Princess, yet unmarried
Important Relations:

A beautiful young woman, Princess Maya is a skilled fighter and crusader for the people of Tarkon. Her weapon of choice is a sentient staff (with the personality of ORAC from Blake's 7) that is a "link" to the Heart of Tarkon. This has made her an outcast among the Tarkon high court, but a hero among those who support and understand her cause.

Kidnapped from her home world by Lazarus Slade when trying to find her missing people, she was immediately conscripted into the games that Slade and the General forced their captives to play. She saw many other creatures, and many parts of the galaxy before Doc and Goose put an end to the games (with her help).

Upon returning to Tarkon, Maya and some of the others who had been held prisoner started an army to force her father, King Spartos, to end Tarkon's neutrality and ban on high technology. Both of them were looking out for the good of the people of Tarkon in their own way, and peace was declared when the Heart was discovered to be a product of both ancient magic AND technology. Maya and Spartos agreed to "blend the old ways with the new." In the final episode, the King and Princess had agreed to usher in a new era for their planet by joining the League.

In the earlier episodes featuring Maya (Games and Scarecrow's Revenge), she appeared to fancy Goose. There are interesting looks traded between Maya and Niko in Scarecrow's Revenge...
However, in later episodes (Heart of Tarkon, Heartbeat, she had definitely warmed up to Doc.

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