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Entry by Rabbi Bob



Originally aired 12/11/1986



     Back on Tarkon, where the Tarkonians live under a strict belief that technology is ill-fated and its use forbidden among its people, Ranger 'Doc' Hartford is trying to convince King Spartos to heed his warnings. Doc has brought information stating that the Queen of the Crown is mounting an attack on Tarkon and that the only thing that can save them is to awaken "the Heart of Tarkon." 

     The conflict lies in that the 'Heart' is a supercomputer that has been dormant for years and the Tarkonians believe this to be heresy, following ancient beliefs that the 'heart' is a sacred spirit of their world. Maya offers her power staff as proof of a link to the computer but is met with opposition from Zanek, the King's trusted advisor. Doc offers to show the King proof of his words if the King would at least try on 'The All-Seeing Eye,' a device that is also linked to the computer, but is believed to be an object of ancient magic. 

     The King agrees and the group assembles atop one of the castle towers. Doc radios Captain Zachary Foxx aboard the Laredo (a flagship currently under the command of Commander Subadi) and is updated that the Queen's armada is at 200 click and closing. The King puts the 'Eye' on and is immediately shown a vision of the the approaching invasion force and imminent doom. King Spartos is so moved by the vision that he allows Maya and Doc to set out to reawaken the 'Heart.' 


     Upon hearing this, Zanek screams sacrilege and confronts Spartos, claiming that Ranger Hartford has bewitched the King. Sword in hand, Zanek leads his men to arrest Doc, Mia and Spartos. With technology banned, Doc is without his blaster and is forced to fight toe-to-toe with swords and good ole' Ranger hand-to-hand combat. The melee continues and Zanek lets slip that he "must prepare for the new Tarkon" and that the "planet is mine." With subtlety out the window, it's now obvious that Zanek has plans of his own. 

     The trio escape into a sky ship hanger and the King orders everyone aboard the available courier ship while he opens the dome. Doc tries to reason that this is the 'Season of Storms' and that traveling by aircraft would be dangerous. Meanwhile, the sound of Zanek's men bashing through the door that separates them convinces Doc to board the vessel. The ship escapes narrowly as Zanek and his men break through the doors. Their escape is narrowed as Zanek orders his men to take to the air in another sky galleon.



     The sky chase is on as the ships do battle in the air. The problems increase as the main sail comes unattached from Spartos' ship and a lightning storm moves in. Zanek and Doc tangle one on one in a pair of fighting kites. 

     Zanek gains the upper hand by cutting Doc's anchor line, sending him plummeting towards certain doom. Not to be outdone, Doc regains control of his kite, witnesses Zanek taking a direct hit of lightning (revealing that he is actually the Scarecrow), and takes out Zanek's main ship by cutting the air balloon keeping it aloft.

     Commander Subadi and the fleet set an intercept course with the Crown fleet in hopes that the fortresses will be activated soon.  





  Back on Tarkon, at the Old Computer, the Old Shaman welcomes the King and the rest. Doc sends Pathfinder into the old computer to find its power circuits to jumpstart it. Pathfinder returns with news that there is a 'real' heart in the old Computer. By using the 'All Seeing Eye,' Doc realizes that only someone's life-force can save the computer from dying. 

     The Scarecrow arrives and is bent on destroying the computer and taking the heart to augment his own power. Maya, Spartos and Doc engage in hand to hand with the Scarecrow in an attempt to stop him. Meanwhile, the Old Shaman offers his own life-force to the Heart in order to save it. His life-force absorbed, the Shaman appears as the new Heart and banishes the Scarecrow. 


Back in space, the fleet is taking heavy losses and contemplates pulling out to save themselves. In just plain, good old western/John Wayne dialogue, Zach lays it out to Subadi: 

"Commander, there's a man on that planet by the name of Hartford, trying to save the Tarkonians, and you, and me, and everyone who doesn't want to be a slave, pilgrim." 

Just then, the moon fortresses power up in a dazzling display of fire power and lay waste to the Crown fleet, causing their retreat.






   With his people assembled, King Spartos announces that Tarkon will bring in technology and mix the 'old ways with the new.' All is good as Doc saved the day, again.




*The End*


My momma did raise her little ranger to be an air traffic fatality

I knew it was a mistake to fill out that Ranger application...