Killbane breaks into Longshot disguised as Goose, and steals one of the component's of Mindnet, a device that induces psi abilities, for the Queen. In order to clear Shane's name the Rangers have to find it quick. The Queen plants false images in Niko's head using the Mindnet, and so they are led into a trap. Goose challenges Killbane, and wins, but the Queen doesn't intend to keep her word. Niko throws a shield around the Rangers when the Queen uses the mindnet with both its parts, and all unshielded thoughts are laid bare to each other, commencing in a free for all during which Killbane and the Queen get away, but the damaged mindnet is removed.
NOTE: Close to the end there's a strange situation, where the Queen excapes Niko, still having the mindnet-device in her hands (a Slaverlord grabs Niko). The Queen leaves the screen to the right side (with the Mindnet), and a second later Buzz enters the screen on the left side, slapping the Slaverlord with the Mindet. So we may assume that it was broken into two pieces before, one in the hand of the Queen, and one under the control of the Rangers.