The Queen of the Crown

  • Special Ability: Psychocrystal-technology
  • Status: Empress of the Crown-Empire
Important Relations:

Head of a vast and crumbling empire. Picture the Wicked Queen from Snow White gone cosmic. That's basically what she is. Uses Slaver Lords (A Construct powered with the life force of other beings contained in a psychocrystal) to maintain her empire, as she has some manner of psychic link with them, and therefore can see and hear anything they do. However, she has not yet found a race powerful enough to power a slaver lord for any great length of time. The Gherkins are almost completely extinct because she has killed so many already (can you say genocide, boys and girls?). Humans suit her needs perfectly, but she can't get her hands on any, and there is only one human psychocrystal, that of Eliza Foxx, and therefore much too special to waste on mundane things. She is constantly trying to get her hands on this new race in the game, humans.
Starring in: