Queen's Lair

Introduces: The planet Wallcam and it's people.
The Queen has built a canon that can destroy a planet, and is trying to hold the League hostage with it. So the Rangers are sent in to work with the resistance group on the planet, and destroy the weapon. The resistance group is lead by Wirwar, who's family is held hostage by the queen and who tries to hand over the Rangers to the Queen. Anyway they succeed in destroying the Queen's weapon nut have to escape in a ship which they discover only has five minutes worth of oxygen.
NB: You get a good look at the boots that each ranger wears in this episode, Niko wears blue boots that stop a little short of her knees, Goose wears white boots with spurs that stop below his knees, Zach wears plain white boots to just above his knees and Doc wears these weird shin guard things.