Goose, Niko, and Zozo are on Grana, taking soil samples to see how well Kiwi veggies will grow. At the harvest dance, Goose dances with a young lady whose boyfriend Johnny is mildly annoyed, and goes off more annoyed. He runs afoul of a very old, very powerful, and very malevolent being who had been sleeping beneath the surface of Grana when the Rangers machine woke him. He wants off planet, badly. He steals Triton, and shoots Niko. He then assaults Niko, trying to get Ranger I's password so he can use it to get off planet (He is mostly likely hot to get to Tarkon, but this isn't revealed until a later episode.). Goose confronts his, calls him "Scarecrow" after the being in Johnny's ghost story, and he adopts the name. In the end, the Scarecrow gets away, and Niko and Goose wonder what manner of creature it is.