Ambassador Zozo

  • Species: Kiwi
  • Origin: Kirwin
  • Status: Kirwin Ambassador
Important Relations:

Zozo is the ambassador from the farm planet of Kirwin, where they can grow damn near anything. The Kiwi are very much the opposite of the Andorians. Whereas the Andorians are a highly technical society and coolly logical people, the Kiwi are very "down-to-earth" and emotional. Zozo is cheerful, loves a good time, and approaches most everything with a sense of humor. He's Oscar to Waldo's Felix.

Zozo has a married brother named Zeza (Sizor?), two nephews (Buzz and Joey), and a niece (Swee) on Kirwin. Both Waldo and Zozo are close friends of the Foxx family. In Phoenix they saved Zachary from Kidd's ship, and at Eliza's "funeral" in New Frontier Zozo was weeping openly, even as Zachary tried to put on a brave face.

It's hinted in a couple episodes (Mistwalker, Scarecrow and others) that Zozo might be a semi-retired Galaxy Ranger himself. Unlike Waldo, Zozo can and does carry a blaster.

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