The Ranger-L Mailing List  

(adapted from The Betamountain Archives, maintained by Bruinhilda)

     "On the outskirts of the Empty Zone, deep in Cyberspace, lies the home base of a small but deadly group of aliens, dedicated to the return of good animation to television and theater...starting with the Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers!"  

     Okay, so we haven't had a lot of luck. We can only do so much with the personnel we have. Plus, you know how the networks are...sigh. In the meantime, we hang out, and keep each other company. Not to mention argue (politely, please), post fanfic, trade ideas, and distribute what information we have. We're a rather informal bunch, to be honest, and off-topic conversations are fairly common (though we try to keep them to a minimum). 

     Do you have what it takes to join us? Of course you do. You're a Galaxy Ranger fan, after all. And we're not that huge of a list. (30-50 posts on a busy day, 10 or so on a slow one). 

     To join us, all you need is an e-mail account.  Below is all the information you need to Join, post, leave, manage your account via a web browser (do yourself a huge favor and check this section out after joining, the resources there are very helpful), how to see the archives and a little bit about netiquette.

** There may be problems while trying to join the list using the email interface.  It is suggested that while this warning is posted, you should try the web browser interface when joining.  Thank you.


  • Send an e-mail from your account to [email protected] 
  • Leave the subject line blank (if that's not possible with your mail program, just make the subject something like "subscribe")
  • In the body of the message, write: subscribe ranger-l yourfirstname, yourlastname
  • Send the email

     .....and that's it! Within moments, you should receive a response from the ListServ machine, asking you to confirm your subscription. Simply follow the instructions they send. (This is usually just sending a message back that says "ok".) Once you're confirmed, you should receive a welcome letter from ListServ, containing instructions for posting, changing your account, and commands you can use. Save this letter! You may well need it in the future. Now, you're a member! 



To post a message to the list, simply send e-mail to [email protected]

     Don't be shy, or ashamed to ask "stupid questions". We know it's been years since most people saw the show.  You may want to browse the netiquette section below if you have never been a member of a mailing list.



     Need or want to leave the list, but you lost the instructions? Well, that's why we have a page now. To cancel your subscription:


What you can do via a web browser

     Heading out on vacation?  Want to change to the "digest" version of the mail list?  Been out of the house for awhile and missed some posts?  Well, these choices and more are just a click away.  Here's a quick list of the options available to you at

  • Search the archives
  • Post to the list
  • Join / Leave List (or change settings)
  • Manage the List (well, only if you're Mel :P )
  • Archives

      This is a great tool, so take a peak at it sometime soon.   


Netiquette & List Manners

     A Word on List Manners As I said earlier, we're an informal bunch, and we don't have an official moderator (though we do have a semi-official one.) That said, we do try to observe a few basic rules. They are:

  1. No Flame Wars on list. (We haven't had one yet, and we don't want to start. The occasional nasty post can't be avoided, but we can, and do, refuse to let it spiral into something worse.)
  2. Try to act like an adult. (We're all adults on this list, unless we have a few kids lurking in the background somewhere. Off-color language is fine, as is the occasional dirty joke. Weird behavior is tolerated, plain and simple jerks aren't.
  3. Don't send attachments to the list. (It just doesn't work. The list members will get a lot of gibberish in their boxes, causing annoyance at the very least.)  If you have something you're dying to post (a picture or something), try posting on your own website account and post the URL for the list.  If you don't have a website account, feel free to contact [email protected] and he will see if he can post it on Beta Mountain for everyone to see.
  4. When in doubt, do what Netiquette advisesGood manners go a long way towards friendly conversation.  You can find the Rules of Netiquette at  

     That's it. Don't worry about tons of regs, just have a good time. If you need help, don't be afraid to ask. We don't bite (usually ;). Should you encounter further problems, and need basic information or assistance, e-mail me at [email protected], and I'll see what I can do for you. Should you encounter problems with the listserv machine, such as an account that won't unsubscribe to the list, you can contact the List Owner, our very own Mel C. Horse, at [email protected]. Please only contact her if absolutely necessary. Mel is very busy these days, and can only respond to your requests so fast.