Monday,  February 28, 2000          


 Converted "K" thru "L" in the character guide & updated search index.

 Looking for anyone interested in helping with the episode guide descriptions.  This will simply entail writing a synopses of the episode and sending it off.  If you're interested (and full credit will be given to those that do), please email Rabbi Bob.    

  From the mailing list, a rather interesting article entitled "University of California researchers mate human cells with circuitry" was submitted by Fatima (my online English teacher).  Check it out at:

Sunday,  February 27, 2000          


 Converted "G" thru "J" in the character guide.

  Catch the X-files tonight, episode written by William Gibson

Friday,  February 25, 2000          


  From the mailing list, Megaman's site URL is moving due to some ISP changes:



Monday,  February 21, 2000          


  Nothing today, just a small chuckle for those that may have seen the dreaded Windows "Blue Screen Of Death" once in their lives.  If you think you have problems in your cubicle, think of how the owner of this sign must have felt.

Click - courtesy of

Sunday  February 20, 2000          

  The "C" thru "F" characters of the character guide has been converted to the site format.

  It's official, the Betamountain Member's Database, otherwise known as the Cryocrypt is no longer available at televisioncity/set/9078/ please update any links you may have by removing it (or placing <!--  --> around the entry, as it may appear elsewhere in the future).




Saturday  February 19, 2000          

  The "B" characters of the character guide has been converted to the site format.

  Added downloads section.  

  Noticed that the "Ranger's Member Database" at Geocities appears to be defunct.  Hopefully it's backed up on CD somewhere here and can be converted to this site.

Wednesday  February 16, 2000          

    16:42 - The "A" characters of the character guide has been converted to the site format.

Thursday February 10, 2000          

    18:02 - Pre-vacation school crunch underway, no development for another week is planned.

    18:14 - Not only do we have a Windows Desktop theme, but below is a link to CGfWiG's KDE theme!

  • Head over to & search for "Galaxy Rangers" in Anime-Category (or click here). The theme is without sound. To get it with sound, get the GR CD V2.
  • KDE image
    Monday February 7, 2000          

        5:51 - News about Peter Wetzler has come to the list (thanks CGfWiG)

        5:21 - added two files for Windows users:

  • GR Desktop Theme (1.85MB)  Animated cursors, icons, sounds & pics from the series.
  • Theme Patch (525KB). For those who may have the theme already, this patch will correct the icon problem & it also lightens up the color scheme.
  • Sunday February 6, 2000          


        10:00 - SG1 is on! Search engine is working for Character Guide & Site.

        06:40 - Character Guide conversion started (thanks Megaman).  While the Guide Link is active, the pages are still in GR CD II format.  Also, the Search Engine link & episode link page have not been created yet.

    Saturday February 5, 2000          


        10:52 - Minor maintenance with the search database, up and running (not much to search yet though). Started the Links section.

    Thursday February 3, 2000          


        06:18 - 12 hours later... Fixed the Netscape bleeding problem. Overlapping nested tables seemed to be the problem. Thanks L.N. for the needed push. 26 today, so I won't be back for a few days.

    Wednesday February 2, 2000          


        18:32 - #galaxyrangers info posted.  Link activated.  "About the Series" work underway.  Corrected font & tables.  800x600 resolution or higher recommended.
        20:23 - developed a short tolerance for Netscape. Fixed banner positioning & gave up on text bleed, maybe another day.

    Monday January 30, 2000          


         07:54 - Mailing List info reviewed & completed. 

    Saturday January 29, 2000          


         08:30 - Redesign underway, all internal links have been disabled.  Stay tuned for more.
         11:30 - Mailing List info posted.  Link activated.
    Monday January 24, 2000          



    Saturday January 1, 2000