Wednesday,  March 29, 2000          


From the list, series writer Christopher Rowley will be in Southern California in April:

Only 19 more characters to go.  School vacation next week, so it should be a snap getting done.  It's been an uphill walk between school, playing with the video card & SCSI drive, and work.  That and the fact that the Sun is making a nice appearance lately.  I'll be re-installing my OS (mostly due to getting new hardware and moving the old out), so this should be the last update for the week here.

Does the name Queen Rajjar mean anything to anyone?  I expect this is a French name for the Queen.  I came across it on this eBay auction.  Speaking of which, here is a quick search of the current GR auctions on eBay.

Finally, Happy Birthday to D.C.S. this month :) 


Wednesday,  March 22, 2000          


Been a little while since the last update!  For a short while, the DNS wasn't resolving correctly here (though worked), but Chitaz nipped that one in the bud.  As of today, the character guide is good from A to P.  Almost through it all, 43 to go.  After that, I plan to patch up a few holes I've noticed through the site and the onward to the Episode Guide.

The latest word from our favorite Mel C. Horse, owner of the Ranger-L mailing list, is that the Mailing List directions are in fact up to date and working properly.  Remember to give the directions a good reading before trying to hop on board, and when all else fails, ask one of us for help.

This is too funny:  Mr. T webmasters


Wednesday,  March 8, 2000          


From the mailing list:

Lady Niko has come across another mailing list at  Here's the description:

The "" watch takes another turn.  It now points to ""San Fernando Valley Chapter of the Ninety-Nines"  Here's the description: email redirects are ONLINE.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Little quiet on the updating front.  I've acquired an ATI All-in-Wonder 128 (32MB) video card & have been tinkering with it.  Not too shabby of a card.  It'll help out during the episode guide conversion by providing some opportunity for screen shots to accompany the descriptions.

"Buzzwang takes a trip."- Marshmallow trees

Finally, it seems that the mailing list instructions may be outdated, but we're not quite sure yet.  Will update on the information when we get it.  Our beloved Mel is on spring break (enjoy it!)

Friday,  March 3, 2000          


 Betamountain turns 5 months old today.  Slowly growing :)  With no advertising and manual search engine entries, the access log had these nice things to say:

 (Figures in parentheses refer to the 7 days to 01-Mar-2000 20:10).

     I've peaked at the error.log and most of the errors are due to the inactive links between the character guide & the episode guide, so those will be resolving themselves as the building progresses.

As it stands, the character guide conversion now runs from 0-9, A-M.  Only 63 characters left until the episode guide conversion starts.

 Currently, all email redirects are offline.  Sorry for any inconveniences.  I'm loosing email too.  And if that's not enough...Yahoo/Geocities (Geo-Who?) killed my account this morning. For now, can be used to contact me with for Betamountain info.      

  Betamountain is holding a banner contest!  CGfWiG & Fatima have been great enough to toss messages to the list in the absence of my working emails addresses:


Hi! Our webmaster Rabbi Bob asked me to host another contest. This time, the goal is to design a banner for Well, here we go.

** Rules: ** (a la Rabbi Bob) ************

All banners must comply with either class 1 or class 2 dimensions. Class 3 will be only considered on if exceptionally done.

Deadline for entries: May 1st, 2000

* How to contribute * *********************

* Send the images to before May 1st, 2000 * vote on the contest according to further announcements on Ranger-L

* WIN * *******

Well, Rabbi Bob didn't tell me what you might win, but I think at least one thing we can offer is an E-Mail forwarder like "" --- if you don't have one already :)


CGfWiG --

 Which means I have to think of a prize ;P .......


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