07-21-01 (RangerCon4)

RangerCon4 is coming this Labor Day weekend.  Check out the page for info and where to get info if you happen to be near St. Louis.  RangerCon4


06-27-01 (DVD, TV, fanfic, hot weather...)

It's hot.  Too hot.  I may be the only person on the planet that would rather have it winter than this hot.  My reasoning?  At least in the winter you can put layers on and reach a fair, maintainable body temperature.  In the summer, you can only take off so much until you're down to your birthday suit.  From there, where do you go?  Ok, enough of that, this isn't what you're here for.

     For those that have been wondering about the progress of the GR DVD, rest easy tonight knowing that the powers that be are meeting soon to discuss the matter.  Keep the email level down to a low roar if you know what email addresses to use to rattle the cages, just be calm and patient.  Mr. Robert Mandell dropped an email by the other day and had some of the following to tease us with possibilities of the DVD and TV appearance of GR:

"..... plan allows me to completely digitally re-master all episodes from the original masters sitting in the Gaylord vaults, including 5.1 audio expansion. The plan is an ambitious 8 DVD package (8 episodes each), although it might get broken up. Each DVD will be filled with extra stuff like full length recordings of songs, original demo presentations, voice over commentaries (mystery science theater style) audio tracks by me ....  and anyone else we can cajole into sitting with us, original designs, sketches, storyboards, some new animation, some old animation, and whatever else we can think of.

     The other interesting thing is that it seems I may have to re-freshen the package of 65 original episodes with 26 new ones if I want to get the series back on the air in a meaningful way here .... it would mean a new team of series 6 Rangers, 20 years later. Well, it's fun to think about anyway.

...more later

     Thanks to Robert for the update and I'm sure the idea of series 6 Rangers may spark some fan fiction interest.  Speaking of which...

I was lucky enough to catch Bruinhilda on IRC the other morning and she told me about FanFiction.net and the GR section over there.  Check out the listed fan fiction and add your own if you have it.  Click here!

     Also, I know we have some German (and I apologize if I'm generalizing here, it's just an example of my small scope of the real world.  Feel free to email me and correct me), GR fans out there that have some fan fiction there that has been tediously translated to English for our reading pleasure.  Well, I see that www.galaxy-rangers.com has a Fanfic section starting up.  Perhaps it'd be a chance to put the original material up for posting.  The email address listed is webmaster@galaxy-rangers.com.

Check out Transformers Online, a nice site that features one of the classic shows from the 80's, 90's and 00's.

While I was taking screenshots for the upcoming New Frontier & Heartbeat episodes, I found that I had snapped a few pics of the Tarkonian Moons.  This updates special treat snapshot is aptly called

tarkonmoon_ws.jpg (85473 bytes)

The Moons of Tarkon


06-16-01 (Psychocrypt, music, Galaxy-Rangers.com, more...)

Been a little while since the last update.  We have the domain for another two years and maybe by then we'll get the episode guide done.  Speaking of which, check out Psychocrypt!

If you're looking for Galaxy Ranger music, head over to the Series Music section over at http://betamountain.tripod.com/.  11 songs from the series are downloadable and are in the mp3 format.

Tara O'Shea wrote in to update her URL's & to say hi Lee & Missy :)

No new info from Mr. Mandell.  So, no news on any DVD/VHS/return to TV for GR.  I did, however, notice the entry in the LINKS section pertaining to www.galaxy-rangers.com, which appears to be a German site dedicated to GR.  At present, there is only the German section, but an English side does look to be in the works.  A few screencaps and downloads are available there.  

The mailing list has seen some new faces these past few months.  Outside of the list, we found Jim Therry "The Original GR Fan."  Jim put together a fanzine way back in the day and harbors some pretty amazing relics from the series.  Also, we've seen some FanFic (new and old) since the last update on the list.  I'll post the URL's that I have here:

An eBay auction that ended a month ago, this one has the GR stand up display!  Not sure how long this link will work, but check it out:  eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1427971522

A few of us ran across the Galaxy Rangers VCD on eBay, but no one can confirm its authenticity, though we suspect it is not.  Here is a pic of it

rangersvcd2.jpg (55053 bytes)


It wouldn't be an update without mentioning Dan Fiorella.  Check out the Old Storyteller here.

OT stuff - Received this in my mailbox this week. Efram was a few years ahead of me in my high school and will be Sci-Fi on June 24th.


The National Television Debut of Kyle & Efram's film, Pennyweight, shot in Portland, Maine and starring Ray Wise (Twin Peaks, Robocop) is a mere TWELVE DAYS AWAY (and counting...)

The 30 minute comedic short will air on the Sci-Fi Channel series "Exposure" on Sunday, June 24th at 11pm nationwide. "Exposure" is dedicated to cutting edge short films and the people who make them. Pennyweight will be introduced by the show's host, the beautiful Lisa Marie (Sleepy Hollow, Planet of the Apes) and followed by a "Day in the Life" interview with the filmmakers, Kyle Rankin and Efram Potelle. The "Day in the Life" interview follows Kyle and Efram as they prepared to unveil their latest effort, They Came to Attack Us, at Una in Portland, Maine.

We hope all of you check out the show!!

Sci-Fi Channel "Exposure" Sunday, June 24th 11pm

Take care everyone!

Kyle & Efram - Newborn Pictures www.newbornpix.com


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