January 23.2002:  Looking for a contest idea

Looking for a contest idea.  If you have some ideas of a contest that might be fair for the majority of visitors to BM.org, please drop me a line at webmaster@betamountain.org or participate in the forum topic here: betamountain.virtualave.net.  Thanks : )

January 19.2002:  School and the search engine

I think I was looking for info on FLCL: FURI KURI when I came across it, but I found 'images from the re-mastered version of Super Dimensional Fortress Macross' over at animeigo.com/images/macross.t and they are pretty nice.

Updated Zach's character bio with background info from the AOTGR Writer's Guidebook.  Check that out here.  Other character updating forthcoming.


January 12.2002:  School and the search engine

My last semester of school starts Monday and I thought that the last month went pretty well as far as updates and material.  I'll be leaving December up for a bit due to the things that came about then.  I had the time to re-read The Two Towers & Return of the King while I wait for my copy of Battledragon to arrive, which always turns out to be a good read no matter how many times I return to it. 


     My last act of vacation (note to BFS: I am getting away today as described!) was getting a better search engine on the site.  The last one couldn't find anything I wanted anymore and I realized that it wasn't pulling its weight anymore.  I moved it to the right hand menu and deleted about two paragraphs of problems I posted about 10 minutes ago relating to problems I was having getting it to work properly.

    And you thought this was all mindless fun, didn't you?  If you do, then maybe you can expand on 'Wanted- teasing name for Lazarus Slate' (Slade) over at the forum and at the moment we're at 'Lazzie Poo'

    The coffee cup is empty and I'm going skiing for the day :) 

January 11.2002 John Buscema 1927-2001, More Dan Fiorella & Prairie Home Companion, Chris Rowley books on eBay

While in no way related to Galaxy Ranger news, but possibly an influence on the artists that work on the series and definitely someone's work that I've admired in my youth, it's a sad note to post that John Buscema passed away January 10th, 2001 according to the Official John Buscema website.  If you were into the Avengers, Conan, or Tarzan to name a few, there's a good chance you've seen his work. 

Official John Buscema website

Dan Fiorella has had some more material used at Prairie Home Companion radio broadcast (see Dec 27, 01 below).  This one is entitled 'Hawaiian Celebrities' and comes with RealAudio to here the skit.

Good flow of harder to find Christopher Rowley books on eBay lately, especially out of print material.  Check the links below 'eBay' on the left hand menu.

Also, while that link searches for the full author name, I did come across simply C+Rowley in the search engine.  It if keeps occurring, perhaps I'll add it.

January 05.2002:  eBay/DVD rant

[RANT] Check out the forum for my GR eBay/DVD rant. [/RANT] I couldn't take it anymore.

January 01.2002H.N.Y.

Happy New Year!   

       Nothing new really.  December was a good month for updates, so be sure to check out everything below.  I was able to track down a copy of Battledragon and it should arriving next week in the mail.


Don't forget to check out the new forum!

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