F.A.Q.  Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will "The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers" ever be on television again?

    • We hope so.

  • I've heard rumor about a DVD release.  Is this really happening, and if so, when?

    • Check out the DVD log.

  • Can you get me copies of the episodes?

    • This is the #1 most frequently asked question by far.  A typical email reads "Hi, my nam e is ******.  Nice site.  Can you get me the entire series on VHS?  Thanks a lot, ****."  Well, honestly, I don't even have a full GR collection.  Yes, gasp, it's true.  Even if I did, I'm down to one VCR and it's MONO at that.

    • Places you can check are Megaman's site, Ranger-L list (there have been people who have been known to copy episodes from time to time, just join and ask politely.) and check eBay from time to time.  I tend to use this link when searching for GR on eBay, as it removes those posers, I mean power rangers from the search.

  • More to come as people ask more :)