Episode Guide




  1. Phoenix
  2. New Frontier [RB]
  3. Tortuna
  4. Chained
  5. Smugglers Gauntlet [EB]
  6. Mistwalker
  7. Wildfire
  8. Ghost Station
  9. One Million Emotions
  10. Magnificent Kiwi
  11. Mindnet
  12. Tune-up
  13. Traash
  14. Space Sorcerer
  15. Progress
  16. Queen's Lair
  17. The Ax
  18. Shaky
  19. Space Moby
  20. Scarecrow
  21. The Power Within


  1. Games
  2. Showtime
  3. Psychocrypt  
  4. Renegade Rangers
  5. Edge of Darkness
  6. Armada
  7. Birds of a Feather
  8. Stargate [EB]
  9. Buzzwang's Folly [Kat]
  10. Heart of Tarkon
  11. Murder on the Andorian Express [DaF]
  12. Lady of Light
  13. Scarecrow's Revenge
  14. Mothmoose [Kat]
  15. Natural Balance
  16. Ariel
  17. In Sheep's Clothing
  18. Marshmallow Trees
  19. Shoot Out  
  20. Bronto Bear
  21. Invasion
  22. Rogue Arm
  1. Aces and Apes
  2. Badge of Power
  3. Boomtown
  4. Supertroopers [EB]
  5. Galaxy Stranger [EB]
  6. Lords of the Sands
  7. Changeling
  8. Horse Power
  9. Westride
  10. Rainmaker [EB]
  11. Battle of the Bandits
  12. Rusty and the Boys
  13. Trouble at Texton [Kat]
  14. Promised Land
  15. Don Quixote Cody
  16. Tortuna Rock
  17. Fire and Iron
  18. Round Up
  19. Tower of Combat
  20. Gift of Life
  21. Sundancer  
  22. Heartbeat [RB]

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The Episode Guide is currently under construction.  All pages are available with brief descriptions, while those in the complete section are done.  Character links in the unfinished section are non-functional, but you are able to reach the appropriate episode via the character guide (it will be a two way street when completed).  

* Due to the timeline of the GR series, the numbers above are only meant to number the episode and does not represent the order in which they were aired on broadcast.